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  • Thread Adaptor for Alu Pole

    Thread Adaptor for Alu Pole

    Adaptor fit all unger traditional alu poles. Converts Alu poles ready to fit Unger Multi link accessories
  • Unger 18 Litre Bucket

    Unger 18 Litre Bucket

    The Unger 18 Litre Bucket is convenient, easy to handle and lightweight. Comes with a plastic holder for washer and squeegee, the handle is metal with a plastic enclosure.
  • Unger Bucket on a Belt Classic

    Unger Bucket on a Belt Classic

    The classic version of Unger's bucket on a belt will hold one squeegee, washer and scraper and 1/2 quart of cleaning liquid. Suitable for right handed use only.
  • Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter

    Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter

    Made of zinc. Lightweight and durable. Adjust tools to clean at any angle up to 300 degrees. Squeegees, washers and other tools can be quickly attached. Attaches easily to all Unger poles.
  • Unger Easy adapter waterhose

    Unger Easy adapter waterhose

    Adapter hose for dual bucket.Fits on every standard water tap.Convenient: bucket is filled on sitePrevent unecessay walkVery heavy-duty
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Bucket on a Belt

    Unger ErgoTec Ninja Bucket on a Belt

    Practical Bucket on a Belt from Unger provides quick and safe access to most important tools. Suitable for all Unger Squeegees, including the ErgoTecĀ® Ninja, the Bucket holds 2 Squeegees, 1 Washer and 1 Scraper, as well as 0.75L of cleaning liquid.
  • Unger Liquid 1Ltr/5Ltr From...

    Unger Liquid 1Ltr/5Ltr From...

    From: £5.50
    Unger liquid is a super concentrated glass cleaning liquid that dilutes 1:100. Unger liquid does not leave any residue, is low foam and is the professional's choice for window soap.
  • Unger Plastic Clips

    Unger Plastic Clips

    Insert between all Unger channels and squeegee rubbers. Increases stability providing sharper end strokes.
  • Unger Professional Gel

    Unger Professional Gel

    Concentrated cleaning gel. Can be applied directly to washer. Biodegradable and skin friendly. Thick formulation allows better control when dispensing.