BioZone Air Purifier

BioZone Air Purifier

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Understanding the Problems
An unpleasant odour in your washroom gives the impression of poor hygiene and can even affect people’s view of your organization. Despite rigorous and regular cleaning, smells can linger (as the primary source of these odours are places where bacteria are present). Busy washrooms are home to many unpleasant organisms, i.e., bacteria, fungi and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The BioZone AirCare solution has many benefits.

  • Creates a fresh-smelling washroom that is pleasant to use by
    removing odour-causing airborne and surface bacteria
  • Protects washroom users by promoting an hygienic environment
    that is free of viruses, mold and fungi
  • Environmentally friendly - reduces the need for chemical
    solutions to control bad odours, e.g., urinal blocks, harsh
    chemical cleaners
  • Equivalent to a 16-watt low-energy light bulb, reduces energy cost
  • Enhanced user experience - increases overall customer and
    employee satisfaction

The end result is a bacteria-controlled washroom which is odour-free!


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Code BioZone Air Purifier 10m2
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