Car Valeting Kits

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  • Car Valeting Kit 1

    Car Valeting Kit 1

    This kit includes:2 x Green Microfibre Cloths2 x Blue Microfibre Cloths2 x Yellow Microfibre Cloths2 x Extra large blue polishing Microfibre glass Cloths
  • Car Wash Purewater Kit 1

    Car Wash Purewater Kit 1

    This kit includes:1 x 11 Litre DI (DeIonization) vessel including all fittngs.1 x 30m Heavy Duty Red Hose1 x Waterfed Car cleaning extendible pole brush2 x HoseLock female fittings (B1)1 x Handheld TDS Meter
  • Car Wash Purewater Kit 2

    This Kit includes:1 x The Big Genie - RO purewater system1 x 650l Upright Tank1 x tap kit for tank1 x Genie in a box - Pump box with 85ah leisure battery, Shurflo pump and flow Controller1 x 14ft gxtel water fed pole with hoselock fitting2 x Female Hozelock fitting