Carpet & Fabric Protective Treatments

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  • Craftex Fabric Protector 5ltr

    Craftex Fabric Protector 5ltr

    An excellent, highly effective, odourless, solvent based fluorochemical fabric protector for new and dry cleaned upholstery fabrics etc
  • Prochem Fabric Seal 5L

    Prochem Fabric Seal 5L

    RRP £69.50 | You Save £6.43 (9%)
    Solvent based protector for the treatment of water sensitive fine fabrics. Fabric Seal should be applied byapproved solvent applicator with suitable respiratory protection.
  • Prochem Fluoroseal Plus 5ltr

    Prochem Fluoroseal Plus 5ltr

    RRP £36.75 | You Save £4.15 (11%)
    Professional quality, odourless fluoropolymer carpet protector which coats and protects fibres against water and oil based spillages.
  • Prochem Shockaway 5ltr

    Prochem Shockaway 5ltr

    RRP £14.95 | You Save £1.47 (10%)
    Anti-static treatment for carpets and other surfaces where static electricity build-up is a problem.