Carpet Cleaners

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  • Numatic Carpet Cleaner NHL15

    Numatic Carpet Cleaner NHL15

    RRP £847.50 | You Save £219.17 (26%)
    The CleanTec Hi-Lo 15 has been designed from the ground up to reflect the need for quick and effective carpet care with the minimum of preparation and effort.
  • Numatic CT 370

    Numatic CT 370

    RRP £286.05 | You Save £74.39 (26%)
    There really is nothing quite so useful as a small, compact Cleantec machine that provides the combination of a powered liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up facility... all incorporated in one unit.
  • Numatic CT 470

    Numatic CT 470

    RRP £338.84 | You Save £82.84 (24%)
  • Numatic CTD 570-2

    Numatic CTD 570-2

    RRP £846.11 | You Save £263.11 (31%)
    The 570 series has become the most popular contractors extraction cleaner by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design.
  • Numatic CTD 900

    Numatic CTD 900

    RRP £981.23 | You Save £311.23 (32%)
    The Numatic CTD 900-2 Industrial, Commercial Carpet Cleaner product has the useful additional feature of wet pick-up ideal for dealing with spillages such as washing machine floods etc.
  • Numatic George GVE370 (Carpet Cleaner)

    Numatic George GVE370 (Carpet Cleaner)

    RRP £277.40 | You Save £95.40 (34%)
    The true "all in one" machine that is totally at home be it in the wet or the dry. This classic "all in one" is genuinely the family friend, dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, scrubbing and drying hard floors, deep cleaning the carpet, cleaning the upholstery, unblocking the sink, you name it, George is your man.
  • Prochem  Bravo Plus BV300

    Prochem Bravo Plus BV300

    RRP £795.00 | You Save £198.75 (25%)
    The Bravo Plus features a larger capacity solution tank for cleaning of small carpeted areas using the lightweight stainless steel carpet wand and hose assembly supplied with the machine. The hand / upholstery tool is an optional extra with the Bravo Plus.
  • Prochem  Bravo Spotter BV100

    Prochem Bravo Spotter BV100

    RRP £695.00 | You Save £173.75 (25%)
    The lightweight granite finish Bravo Spotter delivers incredible efficiency and power in a deceptively small package.
  • Prochem Comet

    Prochem Comet

    RRP £1,495.00 | You Save £298.75 (20%)
    The Comet is a new low cost, self-contained carpet extraction cleaner with powerful brush agitation to clean carpets.
  • Prochem Fivestar

    Prochem Fivestar

    RRP £1,645.00 | You Save £336.25 (20%)
    A highly compact and portable high performance carpet and floor cleaning machine, the Prochem Fivestar upright extractor enables any operator to achieve professional results and quick drying with the minimum of effort.
  • Prochem Galaxy

    Prochem Galaxy

    The Galaxy portable extractor is the perfect machine for residential and institutional cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery.
  • Prochem Polaris

    Prochem Polaris

    Prochem's state-of-the-art self-contained carpet soil extractors provide unequalled features for the institutional and commercial carpet cleaner.
  • Prochem Steempro Powerflo

    Prochem Steempro Powerflo

    RRP £2,195.00 | You Save £473.75 (22%)
    The scuff-resistant granite finish Steempro Powerflo is the ideal carpet soil extractor for residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. The durable and reliable Steempro Powerflo incorporates a high power 3-stage vacuum and 100 psi diaphragm pump.
  • Prochem Steempro Powermax

    Prochem Steempro Powermax

    RRP £2,595.00 | You Save £573.75 (22%)
    The Steempro Powermax combines dual 3-stage vacuum power with a new long life 150psi induction diaphragm pump.
  • Prochem Steempro Powerplus

    Prochem Steempro Powerplus

    RRP £2,795.00 | You Save £623.75 (22%)
    The big brother to the popular Steempro Powermax, The Steempro Powerplus has the extra capacity and high power vacuums to tackle the really big jobs quickly and professionally.