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The true all in one machine that is totally at home be it in the wet or the dry.
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The best carpet for the house is hard to find and the above is the best carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaning machines are designed according to the need of the customer. It could range from light weight to heavy weight. the ones used in the houses can remove the layers of the carpet making it thin over a period of time. The sophisticated ones on the other hand gives you the option to steam clean it. Industrial carpet cleaners are different than the ones used at small places. They are bigger and powerful machines with washing and drying technique incorporated in them. You can always go for the carpet cleaners with long hose if you have carpet embedded on your steps and all over the house. The ones with stem cleaning is the best as it does not moisturize the carpet like the amount of moisture it gets while shampooing them. Best home carpet cleaner will be the normal vacuum cleaners which can also be robotic to reduce the effort to clean to zero.