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The Cleaning Warehouse is one of the top carpet cleaning suppliers in the UK with hundreds of new and happy customers every day. We update our website daily with the newest and greatest carpet cleaning products to make life easier for you. Keep your eyes open for special deals and great offers that we have every week. At The Cleaning Warehouse we offer carpet cleaning supplies for everyone. We have ranges aimed at the Professional carpet cleaners.

We have only the best quality products from the most reputable brands so you can be assured that you will have the right tools for all carpet cleaning jobs

We are suppliers and distributors of quality brands such as Prochem & Craftex and sell everything from heavy duty cleaning machines to replacement components

Long life of a carpet is important for your home or office as it is financially taxing and unnecessary to replace carpets after using them just for a few years of time. Aside from giving your carpet a longer lifespan, use of quality carpet cleaning products contribute to a healthy indoor environment too.
If you use best carpet cleaner then you are going to see reduced deteriorating effects on areas of high traffic. Rug cleaning also enhances its appearance, removes allergens such as dust mites and pet pollutants and gives fresher smell to increase the overall appeal.
We are an experienced and trusted carpet cleaning company offering chemicals and cleaning solutions that include carpet cleaning machines and accessories.
The carpet cleaning machine can suck up the dirt and water stains easily within few minutes of operation.
Our range of carpet cleaning products includes liquid detergents, extraction powder, deodorizers, sanitizers, spot & stain removers, problem solvers & additives, as well as carpet cleaning machines and accessories.
We have a good reputation in industry as all our products are procured from reliable vendors such as Prochem and Craftex.
As carpets, have a lot of allergens, dusts and germs in it. Our range of carpet cleaning products can extract all types of impurities and pollutants. They can remove the stains without putting an adverse affect on your health as all the products are made with high quality chemicals.
In a nutshell while purchasing carpet cleaning products you don’t have to think too much about carpet cleaning process. Our company offers a comprehensive range of essential tools and requirements to clean your carpet. So, there is no need to worry about cleaning. Please give us a call 01902 637402 and our friendly staff will help you in your purchase of finding best carpet cleaner.