Carpet extraction liquid detergents

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  • Carpetclean XL

    Carpetclean XL

    High concentrate, phosphate-free extraction detergent for use in portable and truck-mounted extraction machines.
  • Craftex Carpet Cleaner 1ltr

    Craftex Carpet Cleaner 1ltr

    Low foaming concentrated hot water extraction liquid with a lemon perfume for all 'water extraction' machines.
  • Craftex Liquid Woolcare 5ltr

    Craftex Liquid Woolcare 5ltr

    A safe, neutral pH, low foam cleaner with a pleasant lavender fragrance for use in water extraction machines.
  • Extraction Plus

    Extraction Plus

    Professional low foam cleaning concentrate for carpet soil extraction machines.
  • Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5L

    Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5L

    A professional acidic rinse agent or post spray for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays, stabilising colours and preventing browning.
  • Liquid Woolsafe

    Liquid Woolsafe

    A safe and effective extraction cleaner for wool and stain resistant nylon carpets.
  • Neutra-Soft 5L

    Neutra-Soft 5L

    Developed exclusively for the healthcare market, Neutra-Soft� is an all-in-one carpet extraction cleaner, urine neutraliser, deodoriser and rinse agent.