Carpet Presprays & Traffic Lane Cleaners

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  • Contract Carpet Prespotter 5Ltr

    Contract Carpet Prespotter 5Ltr

    A powerful and safe low cost pre-spray and spot cleaner for heavily soiled and greasy carpets. Turquoise liquid with lavender fragrance.
  • Craftex Champion 5ltr

    Craftex Champion 5ltr

    Amazing, multi-purpose, heavy duty, industrial, non-scratch cleaner and degreaser concentrate.
  • Craftex Champion Lemon, 5Ltr

    Craftex Champion Lemon, 5Ltr

    Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate. Cuts through most stubborn stains. With lemon fragrance Champion Lemon is an amazing,
  • Craftex Degreaser 5ltr

    Craftex Degreaser 5ltr

    Safe and effective concentrated pre-spray for heavily soiled carpeted areas and upholstery.
  • Craftex Microsplit 5ltr

    Craftex Microsplit 5ltr

    An amazing formulation for use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray when cleaning carpets and upholstery.
  • Craftex Multisolv 5ltr

    Craftex Multisolv 5ltr

    A safe, heavy duty cleaner with solvents. Covers a wide range of applications for removing grease, fat, oils, wax, carbons, nicotine, inks and draught marks.
  • Craftex Powdered Enzyme Pre-Spray 5kg

    Craftex Powdered Enzyme Pre-Spray 5kg

    An enzyme pre-spray in powdered form with a pleasant fragrance and extra cleaning power for removing blood, grease, food, egg, gravy and all protein stains and residue.
  • Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution 5ltr

    Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution 5ltr

    An enzyme digester in liquid form with pleasant perfume for use as a pre-spray spot and stain remover for blood, grease, food, egg, mayonnaise, all protein stains and bad odours.
  • Multi Pro 5Ltr

    Multi Pro 5Ltr

    Professional general purpose pre-spotter and traffic lane pre-spray for carpets.
  • Power Burst 4Kg

    Power Burst 4Kg

    New formula enzyme-free high performance alkaline detergent pre-spray for pre-cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpet.
  • Prespray Gold 5Ltr

    Prespray Gold 5Ltr

    A high concentrate professional strength pre-spray cleaner for wool, wool-mix, stain resistant nylon and other pH sensitive, wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstery fabrics.
  • Trafficlean 5Ltr

    Trafficlean 5Ltr

    Industrial strength high concentrate formula with extra water soluble solvents for grease removal.
  • Ultraprep TLC 5L

    Ultraprep TLC 5L

    Powerful action with mild pH is suitable for most carpet types, subject to pre-testing. Green liquid with mintfresh fragrance.