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Cleaning Chemicals

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Every area or the workplace/home has different needs so make sure you speak to an expert to find out which cleaning chemicals products are needed for each area. Detergents work best in clean water to remove dirt and grease but aren't effective at killing germs - sanitisers are better for this. The Cleaning Warehouse caters for every industry and has cleaning chemicals products to suit every area including automotive, leisure, housekeeping, skin care & much more.

Cleaning products play has an essential role to play in our daily lives whether it is at home, in school or in the office. High quality cleaning chemicals can safely and effectively remove contaminants as well as soil and germs. They can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Safe cleaning products can also be used to control allergens, such as dust and mold. Overall these products can help us to stay healthy.
We provide branded chemicals that can be used for cleaning and in cleaning products, such as car cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, dish cleaning chemicals, glass washing chemicals, and toilet bowl cleaners.
All these products can help improve cleaning efficiency subsequently making your environments easier to clean and more hygienic.
You can save money and energy when cleaning your car, utensils and glass surfaces. In addition, all these chemical formulations require less packaging materials and generate less waste.
Household cleaning products such as dish cleaning chemicals, glass washing chemicals and toilet bowl cleaners have antibacterial properties that can kill germs that may cause illness. Our disinfectants that can be used in homes, daycare centres, hospitals and restaurants have effective disinfectant qualities to keep the environment germ-free. So the moment you are in need of safe and effective chemicals and disinfectants feel free to please give us a call.