Complete Mopping System Blue

Complete Mopping System Blue

Product code: Complete Mopping System Blue
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Includes a 2 Gallon Bucket, a mop head and a stale.

  • Aluminium 1.25m mop handle with matching colour coded grip, has push and thread fitting that will attach to Push in mop heads. A mop is an essential part of any cleaning store cupboard.
  • A Red plastic bucket with a capacity to hold 2 gallons. Strong and sturdy with a metal handle for easy transportation.
  • Push in Mop head with PY yarn for good absorbency. Colour coded plastic socket


Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Why have different colours? The aim of a product colour coding system is to help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process. It is vital that a system forms part of an employee training programme and day-to-day working.

Every system can vary slightly however the main areas are as follows:

BLUE: General low risk areas

YELLOW: Wash basins and washroom surfaces

GREEN: General food and bar use

RED: Sanitary fittings and washroom areas

For this system to work, you will need to assign a different colour mop and bucket. plus other cleaning equipment such as microfiber cloths to each area.


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Code Complete Mopping System Blue
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