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  • Handheld Aluminium pad Holder

    Handheld Aluminium pad Holder

    Designed to enable perfect pressure application for throughout and pricise cleaning Easy to use Velcro backing for attaching the pads
  • Microfibre Wash Pad (15mm)

    Microfibre Wash Pad (15mm)

    15mm long, thick fibres easily remove tough dirt Strong Velcro backing for attaching to padholders PHH20 and PHD20
  • Unger Microfiber Cloth

    Unger Microfiber Cloth

    £1.95 £2.68
    MicroFibre fabric superior action wipes can be used wet or dry. Ideal for edges and frames on windows and mirrors. Available in two separate sizes.
  • Unger Microfiber Polishing Pad

    Unger Microfiber Polishing Pad

    Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt from glass and mirrors Strong Velcro backing for attaching to padholder PHH20 and PHD20
  • Unger Padholder

    Unger Padholder

    Lightweight Padholder with a swivel head allows user to reach any cleaning angle. The Padholder can be fitted onto any Unger aluminium pole.
  • Unger Scrim / Washed Scrim

    Unger Scrim / Washed Scrim

    £4.30 £6.17
    100% A Grade Unger PREWASHED and UNWASHED scrim 36" x 36" ironed and the prewashed is ready to go.