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Ice is used to preserve things for a longer duration sometimes even for years. people who die in a snowstorm can be preserved for years like that. People who live in countries like Antarctica are used to the snow but they have also found a way to survive the harshest of all weathers. De-icing is a technique which is done to reduce the snow and make the walkways and road clean for the people to pass through. The most common type of de-icing product is common salt. The white crystalline structured powder is hygroscopic in nature that means it has the ability to absorb moisture. It breaks the bond between the snow and the hard surface for it to get solidified, putting it on ice can make it melt. For de-icing marine rock salt can also be used as it plays the same role as a normal sodium chloride does. calcium chloride is also used as a deicer as it melts the ice by exothermic reaction turning it into water.