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Disposable equipment are those which can be used for a single or multiple use and then it has to be discarded. When we talk about disposable things the first things which come to mind are surgical gloves, needles, catheters, thermocol plates and glasses, plastic glasses and plates, contact lenses etc. but mostly the equipment which are generally used to dispose of are commonly used in the healthcare sector. This is actually very necessary because if disposable items will not be used then the chances of spreading the infection from one person to the other is super high. There are multiple commercial cleaning supplies available in the market for different types of cleaning. The cleaning tools and equipment for different cleaning techniques such as vacuum cleaner for some dry cleaning, mopping for wet cleaning, paper towels to soak up the immediate spillage, broom and dustpan for regular cleaning, double distilled water for cleaning the glass equipment, microfiber cloth for wiping the delicate glass items are available.