Disposible Products

The term disposable is given to the items which take less time to degrade into the natural environment and are harmless to the environment compared to those who do not get degraded and  can cause harmful effects to the environment with its presence. These days the most abundantly disposable product which is being discarded is the mask. Due to pandemic the quantity of the mask production has increased exponentially in a year leading to similar amounts of wastage too. Disposable products in the UK are almost the same as what is produced in india. From surgical gloves or latex gloves to face mask, needles, catheters, cotton pads, gauze pads, canulas, paper packing, carton boxes, napkins, paper towels, paper bags, paper plates, disposable spoons etc, but less we all know that disposable cleaning products are also available in the market.. The needles can be sterilized by autoclave machines and then can be discarded.