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  • Numatic Harry HHR200 (Animal)

    Numatic Harry HHR200 (Animal)

    Harry was developed specifically for pet loving people, he has all the features of Henry with the same power and performance, but there are 2 extra pet friendly features.
  • Numatic Henry Micro HVR200M

    Numatic Henry Micro HVR200M

    Dust related allergies affect between 20% and 30% of the population, especially the very young and the elderly, this is where the Henry Micro comes to the rescue.
  • Numatic Hetty HET160

    Numatic Hetty HET160

    Hetty (short for Henrietta) is not just a pretty face! She has all the features and specifications of Henry.
  • Numatic James JVP180

    Numatic James JVP180

    James is the frugal member of the family, giving professional cleaning and great value. The plugged cable means replacing the mains cable could not be easier.
The domestic vacuum cleaner come with multiple attachments which can be used for multiple cleaning for different areas. the long hose helps the vacuum cleaner to move in different floors of the house and the pole helps in cleaning the house in angles which can’t be achieved when done with the bare hands. The attachments of the vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the corners of the house or the furniture where normally it’s impossible to clean. the fine grooves of the furniture remain unclean always. Home vacuum cleaners generally are of light weight and are handles manually. but the robotic vacuum cleaner is also an option. Buying vacuum cleaner online could be cheaper as compared buying it directly from the store. The transportation of the product becomes easy when bought online as you don't have to pay extra to for delivering the item. The best vacuum cleaner for home is the one which can be used by everyone without causing stress on the shoulder and back muscles.