Dustpan and Brush

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The last minute cleaning can be so hectic that it can actually ruin your christmas evening or even the party you have organised with your colleagues and friends. But you don't want to disappoint or get embarrassed to see that your guests point out the unclean surface or the room. Or you might come into that awkward situation where your drunk guest wants to pass out at your place and you know that the guest room is full of dirt. This can be easily avoided with the simple cleaning with a dustpan and a brush set. These days plastics are completely avoided and companies can be seen producing metal dust pan and brush made of rubber bristles. Rubber brushes are very soft and do not cause the surface any damage. Well they attract all types of dirt and are super easy to clean and the best part is they do not lose its shape when it's used frequently. For smaller areas to be cleaned, small dustpan and brush sets are also available in the stores.