Hand wash & Skin Care Chemicals

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  • Clover  Antibacterial Foam Soap

    Clover Antibacterial Foam Soap

    Instant Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap. Economical - Typical dispense of 0.6ml. One 5 litre bottle of gives up to 8300 applications.
  • Clover Barrier Cream

    Clover Barrier Cream

    An advanced formulation Barrier Cream, which gives protection whilst replenishing the skin.
  • Clover Buster 5L

    Clover Buster 5L

    An effective industrial hand cleaner that contains poly-beads for extra cleaning power.
  • Clover Care4

    Clover Care4

    A high quality replenishing cream, which contains lipids to recondition the skin during and at the end of the working day.
  • Clover Coconut Body Wash

    Clover Coconut Body Wash

    Coconut fragranced body wash. Ideal for health clubs, sport centres, hotel rooms, changing rooms and shower areas.
  • Clover Ezee

    Clover Ezee

    A powerful industrial skin cleanser, which incorporates a specialist 2-in-1 cleansing and conditioning action.
  • Clover Fresco

    Clover Fresco

    Economical - Typical dispense of 0.6ml. One 5 litre bottle of Fresco gives up to 8300 applications.
  • Clover Inasec

    Clover Inasec

    A sophisticated non-rinse skin cleanser designed for use in areas where clean water is not readily available.
  • Clover Larox

    Clover Larox

    Luxury Bactericidal water based bactericidal hand soap.
  • Deb Citrus POWER WASH

    Deb Citrus POWER WASH

    The power of natural orange oil extracts combined with a cornmeal scrub to provide a highly effective cleaning performance.
  • Deb Lime WASH

    Deb Lime WASH

    Gentle but effective heavy duty hand cleanser with Deb's patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub and light lime extracts.
  • Deb Pure RESTORE

    Deb Pure RESTORE

    Perfume-free and dye-free, highly effective mild after-work conditioning cream to provide effective skin care whether skin is dry, sore, chapped or in normal condition.
  • Deb Universal PROTECT

    Deb Universal PROTECT

    Universal pre-work skin cream to help protect the skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants.