HP Fittings

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The different types of hoses are convoflex stainless steel hoses,stainless steel high pressure corrugated hoses, corrugated flexible exotic metal hoses. Each one has different specifications like steel, bronze, molen and other types of materials also on request.  These are specially designed to work with high heat and steam flow, high pressure liquid flow, it's absolutely leakage proof, it can be used in petrol lines, in coolant lines and much more. High pressure hose fittingis made for heavy duty work and can be trusted as it provides no leakage. Quickly disconnect hose fitting in case any leakage is observed as it can lead to much more damage. Stainless steel hose fittings are the best in the market as it is corrosion and rust free. They are much more durable than aluminium and come in various sizes according to the needs of the customer. it is easily available online and does not cost much.