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Lances and Guns

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Gun and 36inch Lance Assembly
£23.99 (inc. VAT)
The replacement of the guns is here. The pressure washer gun no doubt helps in many ways but the pressure it produces can sometimes be not enough where high pressure is required and some places it can regulate the pressure where less pressure is required. The solution to this is high pressure lances which are sleek in shape and can control the speed of the water jet. It's highly in demand in the irrigation sector as they use a huge chunk of land to irrigate. High pressure washer gun is good for small areas like cleaning or for gardening purposes where the water pressure is not much required. Pressure washer lances are very efficient and user friendly, they are very compatible within different companies’ hardware and are developed in most advanced industries. It can be used for many surfaces like gardens, walls, can be used to clean bikes etc. The powerful work is done because its ergonomically designed.