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£4.32 (inc. VAT)
A neutral ready to use multi surface cleaner with a long lasting fragrance. Amber is a pH neutral cleaner for all water washable surfaces.
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A highly effective cleaner and descaler formulated to remove severe water scale and body fats. Safe for use on stainless steel.
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A refreshing essential oil with an aromatic eucalyptus fragrance - the ideal product to enhance your sauna and steam rooms.

£15.46 (inc. VAT)
A daily poolside cleaner and maintainer to control water-scale, body fats and bacteria.
The best way to relax is to get the best Spa but thinking of spa makes one also think about how expensive they are. A person would try something else to relax him/her just to avoid spending so much money. But what if someone tells you that you can get your spa done and that too at your home? Yes that's right. Leisure spa chemicals are now available online and it provides a range of spa chemicals for personal choices. Now forget about the costly spa centers and get your weekend relaxing and full of fragrances with leisure spa chemicals. This particular company also provides a range of leisure cleaning chemicals which are not only human friendly but also environmentally friendly and it's safe with the kids too. Leisure chemicals come in fragrances which resemble the aroma of natural products which are very comforting unlike other products which cause headaches. They are safe and provide super cleaning satisfaction. Visit this site now and buy the best kind of chemicals online that will change the entire décor in  a clean and healthy way.