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  • ErgoWallSqueegee, 35Cm

    ErgoWallSqueegee, 35Cm

    From: £16.69
    Lighttwin blade foam rubber for drying tiles and grout lines. Streak-free cleaning. T-Bar material made of acid proof polypropylene. Ergonomic handle, detachable squeegee also fits on pole.
  • Unger HanguP

    Unger HanguP

    From: From: £14.30
    All-purpose tool holder. Tools are inserted from front. Available in 2 versions (3 or 6 holders).
  • Unger WonderWaxer

    Unger WonderWaxer

    Wax applicator. 140cm handle. For applying wax to wooden floors
The effect of mopping as we all know is a very clean and productive environment but there is a study which has proven different effects on a human body due to mopping. The height of the equipment or the length of the mopping head, the material of the product, everything has an effect on a human body differently. Mopping the floor in the figure of eight has a strong effect on the shoulders, triceps and biceps. Different companies are coming up with different mopping tools and mopping equipment but the best mopping products will always be the one which can give the best output without making the body exhaust and which has a longer durability. Mops with loosely twisted fibres are the best as they can absorb maximum of the liquid. The customer should but the mop which has a faster drying capacity as the mop with moisture content for a longer duration stink.