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  • Dust Control Mop 48"

    Dust Control Mop 48"

    Complete sweeper for dusting and cleaning •Electrostatic action attracts and holds fine dust •Sweeper head made from synthetic acrylic •Sturdy aluminium handle with swivel attachment for mobility
  • ErgoWallSqueegee, 35Cm

    ErgoWallSqueegee, 35Cm

    • Lighttwin blade foam rubber –for drying tiles and grout lines. • Streak-free cleaning. • T-Bar material made of acid proof polypropylene. • Ergonomic handle, detachable –squeegee also fits on pole.
  • Unger HanguP

    Unger HanguP

    All-purpose tool holder. Tools are inserted from front. Available in 2 versions (3 or 6 holders).
  • Unger WonderWaxer

    Unger WonderWaxer

    Wax applicator. 140cm handle. For applying wax to wooden floors