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£11.86 (inc. VAT)
Apple Fresh is fresh fragranced disinfectant for use on walls, floors, tiles and general fittings.
£8.03 (inc. VAT)
Clean & Buff is a specialised blend of detergent and slip-resistant wax making it a versatile floor maintainer.
£51.00 (inc. VAT)
Driving Force is a high performance cleaner ideal for use on any vehicle, which is equally suitable for use with a pressure washer or mechanical brush.
£6.90 (inc. VAT)
MP10 is an iconic floor cleaner in the Premiere range which is ideal for both small and large cleaning tasks.
£34.79 (inc. VAT)
A unique formulation Premac Super can be applied to floors previously treated with traditional wax polishes.
£15.94 (inc. VAT)
Premisan is a bleach based multi use cleaner and disinfectant that not only cleans and disinfects, but also deodorises.
£11.48 (inc. VAT)
Premiere Savona D2 removes grease and grime from plates, cutlery, crockery and kitchenware and with a long lasting foam and non-rinse formulation, it's ideal for all kitchens and can also be used for light duty cleaning on a variety of other surfaces.