Problem Solvers & Additives

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  • Browning Prescription 5ltr

    Browning Prescription 5ltr

    RRP £11.75 | You Save £3.62 (31%)
    Special formula for treating jute browning and large areas of water damage staining on carpets.
  • Citra-Boost 1ltr

    Citra-Boost 1ltr

    RRP £20.95 | You Save £2.73 (13%)
    A professional strength solvent based cleaning additive which can be added to pre-spray, extraction detergent or rotary shampoo solutions to boost cleaning power for tough jobs.
  • Contract Carpet Defoamer 5L

    Contract Carpet Defoamer 5L

    RRP £11.25 | You Save £0.57 (5%)
    An economical anti-foam agent for carpet extraction machine recovery tanks.
  • Craftex Energybrite 3kg

    Craftex Energybrite 3kg

    RRP £20.75 | You Save £3.12 (15%)
    An additive for use with carpet, fabric and wall cleaning solutions to boost the cleaning power and brighten light colours.
  • Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner 5ltr

    Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner 5ltr

    RRP £27.50 | You Save £4.13 (15%)
    For safe and effective dry cleaning of fabrics, tapestries, silks, velvets etc.
  • Craftex Fibre Fresh Rinse 5ltr

    Craftex Fibre Fresh Rinse 5ltr

    RRP £9.50 | You Save £1.43 (15%)
    A mildly acidic rinse to prevent colour bleed and browning and for treatment of tea and coffee stains.
  • Craftex Urine Neutraliser 5ltr

    Craftex Urine Neutraliser 5ltr

    RRP £9.50 | You Save £1.43 (15%)
    A specialist product for neutralising and deodorising urine stains on carpets and upholstery.
  • Fibrebuff 1KG

    Fibrebuff 1KG

    RRP £12.50 | You Save £1.63 (13%)
    Acidic powder additive for use in combination with B151 Oxibrite and B105 Fibre Shampoo.
  • Liquid Defoamer 5Ltr

    Liquid Defoamer 5Ltr

    RRP £15.95 | You Save £2.08 (13%)
    High quality professional anti-foam concentrate for extraction machine recovery tanks.
  • Oxibrite 1KG

    Oxibrite 1KG

    RRP £8.75 | You Save £1.15 (13%)
    Oxidising additive for white, off-white and pastel coloured fibres and fabrics.
  • Powdered Defoamer 2kg

    Powdered Defoamer 2kg

    RRP £13.95 | You Save £1.82 (13%)
    Economical powdered defoaming agent which can be sprinkled into waste tanks or on carpet, prior to extraction cleaning.
  • Ultrapac Renovate 5ltr

    Ultrapac Renovate 5ltr

    RRP £18.95 | You Save £4.01 (21%)
    Special pre-spray product for the removal of dry soot, carbon, fire residues, filtration soils and draught marks on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces.