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PVC & Glass Cleaning Chemicals

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£3.24 (inc. VAT)
A ready-to-use glass and plastic cleaner, which cuts through grease and dirt to leave a streak and smear-free, sparkling finish.
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£11.99 (inc. VAT)
A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate, designed to dissolve and float away the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.
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A citrus-based cleaner and degreaser, Virosol has been formulated for maximum cleaning power.
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Sprays like liquid Clings like gel!
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Unger liquid is a super concentrated glass cleaning liquid that dilutes 1:100. Unger liquid does not leave any residue, is low foam and is the professional's choice for window soap.
£105.00 (inc. VAT)
Excellent high grade resin for water purification.
PVC roof cleaning is a challenging job as there are multiple stains such as grease, oil, fats, carbon, nicotine, inks, dyes, blood, sugar, and mildew. Luckily our PVC roof cleaner is manufactured to remove all these types of toughest stains. Our PVC drain cleaner is a universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate formulated to fulfil tougest cleaning jobs by dissolving grime and give you a perfectly spotless finish surface. Order now for PVC cleaning with our branded ecofriendly universal cleaner conentrate and citrus based degreaser.