Scrapers and Blades

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  • Pro trim 10cm - TX100

    Pro trim 10cm - TX100

    Double edged blade is ideal for removal of heavy dirt, mortar, glue, stickers, etc. Non-slip material is perfect for cold, wet conditions.
  • Unger ErgoTec Scraper

    Unger ErgoTec Scraper

    ErgoTec Scraper - The ergonomic surface scraper. A razor edge for scraping paint and tape. Handle locks onto to all Unger poles with Locking Cone. NEW ergonomic grip.
  • Unger Glass Scraper Blades x100!

    Unger Glass Scraper Blades x100!

    Replacement blades with aluminium holder. Suitable for:Safety Scraper (SR03K, SR04K,SR20K, SR50K) & Mini Scraper (STMIN)
  • Unger mini scraper

    Unger mini scraper

    RRP £1.21 | You Save £0.13 (11%)
    Handy plastic scraper with special locking mechanism.
  • Unger Ninja Scraper

    Unger Ninja Scraper

    From: £14.00
    The new UNGER ErgoTecĀ® Ninja Scraper features a unique pivoting mechanism which allows the angle of the scraper head to be switched from straight to 30 degrees at the touch of a button.
  • Unger Trim 10 Scraper holder

    Unger Trim 10 Scraper holder

    RRP £3.69 | You Save £0.39 (11%)
    This is a strong and stainless steel glass scraper holder that is easy to use and ergonomically designed. Acts and feels smooth and with a quick flick it can be in its safety position.