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£2,190.00 (inc. VAT)
Honda Gx390 - 15LPM 3626PSI + 18" WhirlAway Gun & Lance
The happiness of getting multiple things in one box is beyond comparison. the combination of useful things at reasonable prices can never go wrong. you don't only get your favourite things but also you don't have to hunt things in the market for hours and hours. High pressure starter kits are available now with your favourite colour option. Now you have multiple options to choose from. They are made up of high quality of inert polymer which is strong enough to tolerate the pressure up to 14000 psi. You can get nuts and ferrules, finger tight adapters, plugs and caps, bulkhead unions and reducing unions in one combination. Pressure washer kits and pressure cleaning kits both are in high demand as they are made up of high-quality polymer which are durable and long lasting with easy fitting nozzles and attachments. The pressure can be easily adjusted without causing extra work or manpower for it.