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Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment

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Traditional Window Cleaning is a skilful art that can take years to master. If you are a traditional window cleaner then make sure you use only the best window cleaning equipment.

We are distributors of Unger,Moerman and Ettore

Check out our T-Bars, Sleeves, Squeegees, Scrims and the rest of the range as were sure you will find the right tool for you. 

We offer a range of branded traditional window cleaning equipments that have a glorious past in window cleaning industry. Some of the best names that are into the business of traditional window cleaning supplies are Unger, Ettore, Black diamond rubber and moerman. 

These brands offer tools that are suited for use by both window cleaning professionals and for occassional individuals who are in need of that extra sharp, clean look. These vendors have multiple years of experience in the use, desing and sales of window cleaning supplies.

There are many advantages that come along with these products such as cleaning efficiency, superior product design, high quality tool production, and toolsets that combine with other equipment to perform different jobs. All the tools that awe offer have passed stringent quality checks that perform best under demanding situations. They are made with high quality materials that lasts longer.