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Unger Resin 25L

Excellent high grade resin for water purification.

The Unger Virgin Long Life Resin appears to be a high-grade ion exchange resin designed for water purification, particularly for applications like pure water window cleaning. Here are some key features and information about this product:

Resin Type:

  • This resin is a mixed bed ion exchange resin, indicating that it contains both cation and anion exchange resins. Mixed bed resins are often used for achieving very high levels of water purification.


  • It is described as "high capacity," which suggests that it has a significant resin capacity for ion exchange. This high capacity is essential for effectively removing impurities and achieving a high level of water purity.


  • This resin is suitable for use in various water purification systems, including refillable DI (Deionization) cartridges, DI pressure vessels, or filters designed for pure water window cleaning. These systems are commonly used in the window cleaning industry to produce purified water for streak-free glass cleaning.

Water Purity:

  • The resin is claimed to produce 100% pure water, which is essential for achieving streak-free and spot-free results when cleaning glass surfaces. Ion exchange resins like this one are designed to remove ions and impurities from water, resulting in highly purified water.


  • The resin is provided in 25-liter bags, which can be convenient for users who need a relatively large quantity of resin for their water purification systems.

Long Life:

  • The product is described as "Long Life" resin, which suggests that it has a prolonged lifespan compared to standard resins. This can be cost-effective for users as it reduces the frequency of resin replacement.

Virgin Resin:

  • The use of "Virgin" resin means that it has not been previously used and is of high quality. Virgin resin is typically preferred for applications where water purity is crucial.


  • The primary use of this resin is for water purification, especially in applications where achieving high water purity levels is essential, such as window cleaning.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for using this resin effectively in water purification systems. Users should ensure that their systems are properly designed and maintained to maximize the resin's performance and longevity.

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Unger Resin 25L
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