Upholstery & Fine Fabric Products

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  • Prochem Fab Clean 5L

    Prochem Fab Clean 5L

    RRP £14.25 | You Save £1.31 (9%)
    Upholstery fabric extraction concentrate for use on wet cleanable colourfast fabrics.
  • Prochem Fabric Restorer 5ltr

    Prochem Fabric Restorer 5ltr

    RRP £31.95 | You Save £4.15 (13%)
    Premium upholstery pre-spray with high concentrate blend of detergents, low odour solvents and anti-resoil agents, for use on grease, hair oil and body contact areas of wet cleanable fabrics.
  • Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5ltr

    Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5ltr

    RRP £11.75 | You Save £1.10 (9%)
    Acidic extraction rinse agent or post spray for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays, stabilising colours and preventing browning.
  • Prochem Fibre Shampoo 5ltr

    Prochem Fibre Shampoo 5ltr

    Professional high foam crystallising shampoo with new micro-encapsulation formula, for carpet rotary and dry foam cleaning.
  • Prochem Leather Conditioner 500ML

    Prochem Leather Conditioner 500ML

    RRP £8.25 | You Save £1.10 (13%)
    Finishing treatment for cleaned leather upholstery, which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and helps protect.