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Water fed Pole Equipment

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The Cleaning Warehouse has a comprehensive range of pure water fed pole systems and products in UK. 

At The Cleaning Warehouse Our products include fully installed Waterfed pole systems, Waterfed pole trolleys, DI Resin, Waterfed poles, Pumps, Controllers, Hose and Reels, Baffled water Tanks, metal fittings, Batteries, Filters and much more.

We have complete systems to match any budget, from the top of the range fully installed professional water fed pole systems, to economical build it yourself systems, or even a mobile trolley or back pack. Whatever your limit, we have a system to match.

If you already have an existing water fed pole system then dont worry, we can still save you money on our extensive range of consumables and spare parts.

We offer a technical support line for added confidence in buying from The Cleaning Warehouse, please feel free to call us for further information on any of our water fed pole products.

Further more if you do not feel confident in installation of any of your new products, our tech team is here to help and will fit, install and calibrate your new equipment

If you have any troubles finding the items you want, please call us on 01902 637402 and a member of our friendly staff will be ready to help you with your purchase